Introduction to Wheel-throwing Porcelain with Jo Davies


This course is two days of working through the fundamentals of throwing with porcelain and has been designed to de-mystify a clay that has a reputation for being temperamental. However, the only reason for this reputation is because budding ceramicists will often approach the clay with a lack of knowledge which then results in unwanted outcomes. This really is overcome easily with a little knowledge so, contrary to popular belief, it is not necessary to be absolutely proficient in throwing ahead of even trying porcelain. This is simply a myth that keeps people from learning.

If you’re curious you should just try it and see. The worst that will happen is that learning about porcelain will improve your approach to other clays for reasons that will become clear during this workshop taught by Jo Davies. Jo will take you through simple porcelain-clay preparation to special considerations around the centering and compression of porcelain, as well as after-care that will make the difference between warped or cracked porcelain items and pieces that keep their integrity. This two day course will be a combination of practical advice, demonstrations from Jo and wheel-throwing practice for students with throwing on the first day and trimming/turning on the second day.

You do not need to have worked with porcelain before, you just need to have had a little experience with throwing. This course is perfect for people looking to extend their knowledge, Jo understands that you are coming for a learning experience so doesn’t expect you to be perfect, just happy to learn!

Dates and times:
January TBC

Photo Credit: Tim Jobling

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